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Active Directory Users and Computers not showing in Jan 08, 2019 Install Active Directory Domain Services on Windows Server Adding the Active Directory Domain Services role installs the framework for Windows Server 2008 to become a DC and run AD DS. It does not promote the server to a DC or install AD DS. In the Server Manager window, select the Roles directory. active directory - What replaced DSA.MSC in Windows Server dsa.msc still very much exists in 2008 and 2008 R2. It gets installed automatically on machines that have the Active Directory Domain Services role installed. For machines that aren't running the AD DS role, you just have to install it. Open Server Manager, go to the Features section; Add Features Step by Step Guide to Add Active Directory Schema Snap in

New in today's Windows Server 2008 r2 release candidate: PowerShell cmdlets that let you manage Active Directory quickly and efficiently and an administrative console that exposes the power of

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Find all the information you need to manage and maintain Active Directory in Mastering Active Directory for Windows Server® 2008, an in-depth guide updated with over 300 pages of new material.Revised to address the new components, enhancements, and capabilities brought by Windows Server 2008 to the directory services, this book covers domain name system design, Active Directory forest and Active Directory Objects: Securing for Windows Server 2008R2 Aug 31, 2010 Run command for active directory - Windows Command Line Learn the run command for active directory users and computers console. In this console, domain admins can manage domain users/groups and computers that are part of the domain. Execute the command dsa.msc to open active directory console from Run window. Using NTDSUtil for Active Directory - Windows Server Brain