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Privacy.donottrackheader.value - MozillaZine Knowledge Base Apr 02, 2013 Privacy/Jan2011 DoNotTrack FAQ - MozillaWiki Do Not Track is a first step in putting users in control of the way their information is collected and used online. The HTTP header is one exploration of a do not track capability for the Web; it is the first of many we're planning on investing in to help put users in control of their online experience. Do Not Track header must be sent. - STIG Viewer Jun 30, 2015

Do not track header resets itself after closing

Privacy.donottrackheader.enabled - MozillaZine Knowledge Base Apr 02, 2013 Why Do Not Track is worse than a miserable failure | ZDNet Sep 21, 2012

The Collusion add-on identifies this as a tracking site. The privacy policy at webtrends.com mentions respecting an opt-out cookie, but it's not clear if they respect the Do Not Track header. As a work around, inclusion of the analytics script should be conditional on not seeing the DNT header from the client.

The Do Not Track Header The header approach suffered from a serious chicken and egg problem. No ad network was willing to look for, or respect the header (primarily because no one was sending the header). Likewise, because no one was looking for the header, the browser vendors weren't ready to add support for it to their products. the wild web: Try out the "Do Not Track" HTTP header Jan 31, 2011