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Public KB - KB40126 - How to use the Pulse Secure Linux May 31, 2017 Junos VPN for Windows 10 Mobile - Pulse Secure Community Hi, I have received a new Lumia 950XL for business purposes and we are having problems logging in through our VPN with this client. I can see that the Junos Pulse app is not compatible with Windows 10 Mobile and the standard Junos Pulse Desktop Client is working well for us.

Configuring Junos VPN Site Secure or IPSec VPN date_range 9-Oct-18 IPsec VPN is supported on all MX Series routers with MS-MICs, MS-MPCs, or MS-DPCs. On M Series and T Series routers, IPsec VPN is …

Dynamic VPN setup - J-Net Community - Juniper Networks client1: windows 10 with pulse secure from windows store, go to settings -> network and internet -> vpn -> add a vpn connection -> vpn provider: pulse secure, the strange thing is that I cannot edit the user and password fields . juniper configuration: Model: srx240h JUNOS Software Release [12.1X46-D65.4] Win10 running Pulse Secure VPN client - Juniper Networks Thanks for your recommendations @lpaniagua. In the end the problem I had was internal. Juniper's JTAC team investigated the SRX300 Gateway, where Pulse Secure VPN client suppose to connect, while the VPN connectivity was failing and found out that it was caused by an over-utilization of its Routing Engine.

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Juniper SSL VPN - Idaptive Configure the Juniper SSL VPN application for single sign-on. To configure Juniper SSL VPN for SSO, copy settings from the Application Settings page in the Idaptive Admin Portal and paste them into the Juniper SSL VPN (Junos Pulse Secure Access Service) website. For details, see Configuring Juniper SSL VPN on its web site. Junos pulse VPN client issue after upgrading to windows 10 I understand that after upgrading the computers to Windows 10 1903 Junos pulse VPN is not working. Since this is happening on multiple machines and as you are using VPN, I suggest you to post your query in TechNet forums, where we have support professionals who are well equipped with the knowledge on VPN to assist you with appropriate details. Problem of VPN client to site on SSG 5 - J-Net Community I have configured VPN client to site on SSG5 recently. also, I configured profile on client as well,the client use NCP Secure Entry Client as VPN client software to connect remotely, the clients can connect successfully VPN through internet 3G sim card but not successfully through WIFI connection although WIFI connection always in good condition.