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10 Great Spoof Movies That Were Actually Hilarious 10 Great Spoof Movies That Were Actually Hilarious. 12. 4. Spoof: a British slang term for male ejaculate. It's also a term for a work of art which purposely mocks another. 8 Best Batman Movie 51 Best Porn Movies of All Time | Sexiest Porn Films for Jul 06, 2020 The 10 Best Adult Film Parody Titles Ever | TheRichest The 10 Best Adult Film Parody Titles Ever. When it comes to adult films, many different qualities may stand out to you as being important. You may want to find the people in it attractive (shocking), and of course, the directing and cinematogr

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112 Best Parody Movie Posters images | Movie posters Apr 6, 2016 - A collection of the best parody movie posters online. See more ideas about Movie posters, Parody, Online posters. The Best Space Movies of All Time - cosmopolitan.com Jul 24, 2020

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To see how it's really done (and really shouldn't be), here are our picks for some of the best and worst spoof movies ever. 10 Best: This is Spinal Tap Although The Office is often credited with birthing the mockumentary, it was actually This is Spinal Tap that introduced the genre to the world . A spoof on Lethal Weapon (1987), other movies, TV commercials etc. 2 unlike LA cops investigate a cocaine in girl scout cookies case. Director: Gene Quintano | Stars: Emilio Estevez, Samuel L. Jackson, Jon Lovitz, Tim Curry. Votes: 43,588 | Gross: $27.98M