QNAP Dual-Band Wireless PCIe Expansion Card QNAP Dual-Band Wireless PCIe Expansion Card Multiple devices connecting wirelessly with your router to access NAS files can lead to bottlenecked traffic and slow data transfer. Why not cut out the middle man and access your NAS directly? All you need to do is install the QWA-AC2600 in your QNAP NAS and use the WirelessAP Station app. QNAP Security - Network Surveillance Solution Provider The "WAN IP Address" is for remote access to the monitoring page of the VioStor over the Internet. If your IP camera is installed behind the NAT router, enter the public IP address (or URL) and configure the port forwarding correctly.

Mar 01, 2020

Your QNAP NAS Can Now Be Your Wireless Base Station | QNAP

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Ongoing eCh0raix ransomware campaign targets QNAP NAS … Jun 05, 2020 Accessing a QNAP ftp server behind a router Jul 12, 2011